Saturday, 21 March 2009


Up in the mountains, in the freezing cold, I seek refuge in my sketchbook...

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Don't worry, the superhero project isn't finished. I just thought I'd do a nice group-shot of the commisions so far (From left to right: Panjandruman, The Hat, The Frog, Bluesman, The Complicated, Mikey Zombie).
And you guys are super so you kind of deserve it. If Anyone still wants a super-isation done, the offer is still open.
For now... Back to basics.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Robot Emperor!

ROBOT EMPEROR! (Norton Whately)

Before I do the introduction, let me first say that this was the best I could do. This character was probably the weirdest and most challenging commision I have ever recieved and after about thirty futile attempts I said 'fuck it', I'll do what I can do.
Here, in his own words, is The Hat's awesome description:

>Emperor Joshua Norton I, his Imperial Majesty and Protector of Mexico was cloned in a secret base in Northern Canada, and the clone was shipped to a World Newton/ League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comic, not movie) type universe, where, falling victim to the meddlings of a certain Alphonse Moreau, merges with a young Wilbur Whately in the 1870's. Using Whately's magic, he botchs a spell, and ends up in the future of a parallel universe, where he was not Emperor, merely humored by the people around him. He quickly became one of the best magic-users on this plane of existance. He fights apocalyptic threats to humanity, which includes The martians from War Of The Worlds, Every Damn thing H.P. Lovecraft has ever written about, Galactus and others. In addition to his spells, he has a swordcane.
After a fight with The Martians from War of the Worlds, Norton/Whately's body was half destroyed, so grateful Martians from Mars Attacks turns him into a cyborg. Normally the Martians would have killed me, but he saved thier planet, which is cause for gratitude, I think. This is essental, and awesome, for the super-person. Not really a Hero or Villian, his allegiance changes based on who he thinks is the moral person in the conflict, which from time to time puts him into conflict w/ the superheros. Maybe more good than evil though. He still dresses like Joshua Norton. He also keeps attack bees under his hat.

Well, as you can see, I kept the magical powers, cyborg face and attack bees. Forgot about swordcane and have no idea who Joshua Norton is. Too tired/lazy to look up on google. Please forgive?

Saturday, 7 March 2009



>My dear Uncle Ash, who as a boy was abducted by a secret organisation of insane walrus-men, who beamed the entire Encyclopedia Galactica into his brain! Now gifted with universal literary knowledge, a mind reeling with sarcastic replies and an infinte supply of curry dinners, he fights crime with the bodacious badness of books! SPEEEOOOW!!!!

Hope you like it, Zio.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009



>Here's Winston Rowntree's crazy wet dream. Astride the ludicrously kooky travelling weapon that is the Panjandrum, he brings joy and and burns and broken bones to millions of scared and frightened children! He has rockets! He wears a bomb on his head! He has no idea how to steer this thing!


>One of the many alter-egos adopted by our dear Auntie E. If I remember correctly, this sultry long-haired temptress had the power of turning into a gigantic frog with supernatural powers. Either way it was something equally fantastic.


>The ghost of a famed blues musician and/or petty criminal, the Bluesman is an agent of fate, bringing either hope or oblivion by playing on his eery Harmonica of Doom. Whoever you are, you're sure to be a guy he can really dig... a grave for!