Saturday, 5 September 2009


A brief message before we once again open the tiny wooden door that leads into the cacophonous hall of insanity that is my mind. This may come as happy news to some of you, and despairingly tragic news to others... but I have decided to try my hand at writing stories again.
I know I haven't been that successful in the past, doing mostly unfinished symphonies or very short stories.
This may or may not turn out to be another one of the aformentioned. Nonetheless, I'm giving it a shot.
I've done two pages so far and up til now it's been ok. Hopefully I'll be well underway when I decide to post the first page.
I was also wondering whether to dedicate a secondary blog to the story or not. Should I do that, or wait till the story is finished? Or not do it at all? Your thoughts? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
Anyway, that's all for now.
I leave you with a lurid little pile of shite which emerged from my brain last week. Play nice.