Thursday, 26 January 2012

Starfire Redesign

Here's my Starfire redesign for Superhero of the month.

I did a little research on Starfire's background in the comics - having only really been familiar with her portrayal on the Teen Titans tv series - and found out some interesting stuff: namely, that Tamaranians are descended from felines! I factored that in her facial features and body build. Her choice of clothing is based on the fact that if Tamaran revolves around a star that is, say, around about where Arcturus is, then right now they'd be receiving tv broadcasts from Earth dating back to about the late 1960s. Hence, Kori might have caught a broadcast of Woodstock and been inclined to think humanity still wears hippie attire. Plus I just thought her personality would fit well with that 'free love' and 'make love not war' pacifist mentality (judging by her character on the tv show anyway). Bit of a mix, then, but I hope it works!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Novel idea (Complete Villain Alliance!)

I've almost finished chapter one of my story (magnanimous felicitations!). To celebrate, here is the final villain.
Inspired in part by a PD character (but I'm not telling who or it would spoil the surprise), here is Nazi Agent Eisen:

??? / Agent Eisen

And here are all the villains (so far, as I may add some more at some point) together: As always, clicketh to embigenneth!

That's all for now, more news on the story soon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Novel idea (New Villains!)

Here are another two villains for the story:
First, another mostly original character, inspired by this, this and this. Hope I get to use him, as I'm still writing up the heroes' individual origins.

Hombre Caiman / The White Gator

Second, Monsieur Monstre's arch-nemesis, the equally theatrical masked crime boss and master thief, armed with secret sword-cane and razor-sharp wits:

Masque D'Or / Golden Mask

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Novel idea (continued, now with extra villain!)

Here's my first villain for the story/novel/thing. This guy isn't based on any PD character, so I like to think of him as the most original character so far (as original as a gangster with a ray gun can be). More villains coming soon (hopefully). Click to embiggen:

Donato 'Donny' Teloni / Deathray Donny

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A novel idea

Let me start of by saying, HAPPY NEW YEAR, foolish drones!
Yes 2011 with all its disappointments and cataclysms has been swept away, making way for another year of disappointments and cataclysms, 2012. Big whoop.

Say, remember those public domain superheroes I redesigned a couple of months ago?
Well, I've been thinking about them a lot and have decided to incorporate them into an actual story. Ideally, this story would be both written and illustrated, in a sort of hybrid traditional/graphic novel. To be as original as possible, I've done some entirely new characters, inspired by those PD characters, giving them new names and (in some cases) very different personalities and origins. Let me know what you think!

Retta Ray / Titanno the Metal Man

Mostly original, inspired partially by Bozo the Iron Man.

Walter Immergrün / The Burning Hand
Almost drastically revised version of Atomaster (see the redesign post link above).

George Alexandre Gravois / Monsieur Monstre
Name taken from this guy, origin inspired by this one.

Roy 'King' Philips / Silver Saucer
Practically identical origin of Ace of Space, but very different personality.

Andela Beran / ženačert / Lady Lucifer

Only changed the name and nationality of Lady Satan