Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Bona Saturmalia!

Bona Saturnalia everyone! Merrily meandering around the house, sporting my new gift: a specially designed mouse-carrying imitation totally-ethical fur-lined head-encaser! Mouse not included.

Maeri Jinglemess and a Hoopful Gnu Ear!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The 'colour - animal' challenge!

So I came up with a perhaps not wholly original challenge for myself (and any other artists out there interested).
The idea is to come up with a random colour and animal, and then try and design a superhero outfit based on what you come up with.
In my case: Blue Barn Owl and Yellow Octopus.
Try it out, budding pencillers and aspiring comickers! Let's make this thing viral!
It might just make an amusing yuletide party game!

Bonus Picture: 
yet another redesign of everyone's favourite web-slinging superhero. I worked off of the spider symbol I developed for my last redesign, and tried to streamline it into a costume more resembling Spidey's traditional get-up. 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Vegetarian Ogre?

One of my favourite authors ever, Mr. Philip Reeve, asked me:

And the answer is yes...

Yes you can.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Circle Animals

Some circular-shaped animal designs I did for the Xmas market stall. The fish came out a little weird, but I'm nonetheless really digging this new style I've discovered (oh my gosh swirls).

Monday, 17 December 2012

My short review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The weird thing, Smaug has no lines, and even if he had, they would've been dubbed.
Either way, I enjoyed the film.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Another Xmas market...

And unfortunately not much success I'm afraid. Sold a few things, but unfortunately Grugliasco is a bit devoid of people willing to buy anything other than meat and jam. Might try another town next year...
More fun drawing type things soon, I hope :) 


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In a Parallel World, Part 2...

Here's another power swap/origin swap redesign of a famous comic book hero and his/her arch-enemy. This time it's less of an origin swap and more of a 'insanity alignment' inversion.
Let me explain. I'm one of those people who consider both Batman and the Joker (as well as most other people in Gotham City, be they costumed or otherwise), clinically insane. Neither character approaches what most people would consider a healthy mental state of awareness. Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents' murder and what does he do? Instead of using his vast wealth to tackle the roots of crime and corruption in Gotham, and thus do some real, tangible and lasting good, he decides to flip the fuck out, spend thousands of dollars on equipping himself with ridiculous bat-themed gadgets and vehicles, dresses up in glorified riot cop armour or zorro-cum-dracula costumes (depending on who writes him) and spends each and every night beating the shit out of petty thugs or other mentally unstable people. Jack Napier/Jack/Whoever is a petty criminal who ends up dumped in a vat of toxic waste or acid or bleach and what does he do? Instead of searching for medical help or turning himself in, in the hopes of curing his condition, he flips the fuck out, hires thousands of idiotic henchmen, dresses up as a clown and starts murdering people with tacky puns.
Literally the only difference I can see between these two violent, ruthless and deluded characters is their allignment. Batman is crazy, but aligned with the forces of what we tend to consider 'good' (the law, the police, etc.) whereas the Joker is crazy, but aligned with the forces of what we tend to consider 'evil' (crime, murder, etc.) Despite what many hepped-up Nolanites or Frank Miller zombies would like to think, Batman isn't some noble and righteous knight or metaphorical force of law and order, neither is the Joker an 'agent of chaos', or herald of anarchy. They're both just dicks, and deranged ones at that.
Thus we come to this redesign. The idea behind these was to invert the alignments: thus Batman becomes 'The Bat'. Severely unstable orphaned billionaire Bruce Wayne vents his anger and frustration against the world every night by dressing up as the Bat and going down into the streets of Gotham causing chaos, eventually becoming the head of a vicious gang of ex-mobsters and criminals, called the 'Bat-men' and child thieves and drug-trafficers called the 'Robins'.
Joker becomes 'Kid Clown', a petty street thug who got involved with the Bat's 'Robins' and for squealing to the police, got dumped by the Bat himself into a tub of chemicals, which burned off his lips, eyelids and hair, and bleached his skin chalk white. Initially distraught, the kid resolves to enact his revenge against the Bat and his followers, by becoming a continuous thorn in the big guy's side. An eternal prankster, always ready to foil the murderous Bat's schemes, he procures a lime green wig, and colourful costumes, becoming 'Kid Clown'.

Feedback, comments and 'oh my god how can you hate the dark knight trilogyomghjkfhjk's welcome in the comment box!
Thanks for reading.