Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Which Witch is the Witchiest Witch?

Finally, after a long and busy hiatus, here is another puppet! This time, a mischevous little witch (think Mildred Hubble mixed with Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor).

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Last Doctor

I decided to revisit this idea I had for the final incarnation of the Doctor. I was quite disappointed with the 50th anniversary episode, but the previously broadcast 'An Adventure in Space and Time' by Mark Gatiss awakened in me an interest for the original adventures of the Doctor.
Anywho, here again is my child Doctor and the good Dalek Nau, along with non-camouflaged, coral-like TARDIS in the background. TF

Friday, 22 November 2013

Pokèfriends: The Continuation Continues!

Flareye is a powerful and sometimes grumpy fire pokèmon with a highly effecting weapon: its firey glare! So powerful is this attack that for a long time it is too scared to even open its eyes and requires constant vigilance on behalf of its trainer. However, with enough hard work and perseverance, it evolves into the devastating Glareye. Beneath this pokèmon's tough exterior lies a friendly and caring heart (but don't tell anyone!) Its attacks include Fireblast, Shut Up and LAAASEREYEZ.

Hopkin starts out as the small and seemingly harmless Plopkin. Although entirely made of and covered in the softest, wool-like material known to man/pokèmon-kind, this pokèmon can pack a devastating punch. It is fiercely loyal and just as keen to play as it is to fight. Its attacks include Pound, Doubleslap and Hug.

Mugrea is a fairy-type pokèmon, supposedly the product of centuries-old magic and an equally ancient blend of herbal tea. Some say that whenever Mugrea's cup-shaped head is empty, it is a sign of oncoming bad weather or illness. If anyone drinks the tea in Mugrea's head, it is said they will be subject to strange and/or prophetic visions. Mugrea's attacks include Spoon-club, Dunk and Blend. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Pokèfriends for a Rainy Wednesday Afternoon...

Pseyeflo! An incredibly powerful psychic pokèmon, Pseyeflow can hypnotise any opponent with one look from any one of its four glowing eyes. It is also troubled by strange dreams and headaches, during which the very laws of physics seem to come apart around it. Its attacks include Hypnotise, Dream-eater and Mimic.

Katberry! This pokèmon starts out as the small and fluffy Kittenberry, has few attack moves and mostly relies on sheer adorableness to avoid danger. Through lots of care and affection, it evolves first into Katberry and finally into the proud and powerful Lionberry! Its licks heal any wound or illness, due to its saliva actually being a delicious, magical fruity juice! Although cute, the leaves that gradually grow on its body and form Lionberry's mane can be deadly sharp, and it will not hesitate to use them if one of its loved ones is threatened. Its attacks include Mew, Defensive Curl and Razor Leaf.


Unicef Donation Confirmation!

Here is a picture of the email we received from Unicef this morning, confirming our donation of 145 Euros to help out in the Philippines!
A huge THANK YOU and GRAZIE MILLE to everyone who visited our mercatino last Saturday and donated, and anyone else who bought some of our homemade products, from Helen (my mum) and me! :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Steven Universe: Crystal Gem fan-art/self-portrait

I've become a really big fan of the new Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, created by Adventure Time's Rebecca Sugar. It's really fun, sweet and the characters/setting/music are all wonderful. Thus, I had to do some fan-art!
I thought I could draw myself as a Crystal Gem. My gem would be Cornelian and my weapon would be a magic, super-stretchy and indestructible scarf, which I could use to pick up stuff or protect myself from attacks.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Xmas Stall Products!

It's that time of year again (well, nearly) and that means a Xmas stall in my hometown of Grugliasco!
Last year's didn't go so well (I sold about two things), but I'm hoping this year, with a little help from social networking and general plugging, I'll be able to get more custom.
Mainly because it's not just for me: I've decided along with mum that 50% of any profits we make will go to Unicef to help with their aid appeal for the Philippines.
If you're in Grugliasco on this Saturday, here are just some of the things you can buy. If you're not, then here are just some things which I might make again and ship to you once I have enough money to do so :)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Conjuror from the Crimson Planet Returns!

Hello all! Time for some more Magician from Mars fan-art/redesign!
I made some slight alterations to my previous design and decided to do a retro style poster. I'll definitely try and come up with some splash-pages or pin-ups as well soon. I just love this character so much!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

More Poké-portraits!

Here's another three friends as pokémon: 

First up is Conicool. This ice-type pokémon is notable for doing his upmost to keep his cool in any situation. Throughout his evolution cycle he develops new and better ways of refrigerating himself. It enjoys relaxing and is a tremendous hit at parties. Its moves include Ice-Beam, Sun-Cursing and Oh No That's Not On. 

Next is Tailbow. This musically-minded pokémon has highly sensitive ears and whiskers which give it an advantage in any fight, but also allow it to play sweet music. Rubbing its tail against its taut whiskers, it produces a melodic and hypnotising sound that sends most enemy pokémon to sleep! Its moves include Sing, Tail Whip and Ravelution. 

Finally, Velvetail. A sultry feline pokémon, which has been known to seduce enemy pokémon into surrender with one look. Its tail is the softest thing in the known universe, but also highly durable: Velvetail wraps it around itself not just for aesthetic purposes but also as an effective shield against attacks. Its moves include Purr, Harlem Shake and Oh No You Di'nt.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Poké-portraits: The Return.

I got inspired and decided to do some poké-portraits for some friends.
Here are Statystix, Kettlecrab, Spiraweed, Dadling and Malokkio.

This is the electric pokémon known as Statystix. This creature tends to live inside calculators and computers, making insanely long calculations and mathematical predictions about all sorts of things. It's very curious and helpful to strangers who have very specific questions to ask. It continuously makes notes about which attacks to use in a fight based on probability and variable... um, variables. Its moves include thunderwave and thundersmile and thundernod.

Next, the water/metal pokémon knowns as Kettlecrab. It is said that this rare aquatic-mechanical hybrid is powered by steam and throughout its life it evolves into completely different marine creatures. It is deceptively wise, it enjoys exploring the ocean floor and making smoke circles from its chimney. Its moves include dude no, hammer-time and bubblebeam.

Lastly, we have the grass-type pokémon Spiraweed. This creature starts life as a fairly unremarkable but friendly monster, until it bonds with an alien parasitic plant from beyond the stars (becoming Cosmoss). The growth spreads across its body, expanding its mind and gifting it with psychic powers. Eventually Cosmoss evolves into the galactically open-minded Spiraweed, whose moves include vine-whip, stone-powder and whoah dude it's full of stars.

This elusive pokémon (Dadling) starts out as a little Pupling, who while loving and adorable, needs constant care and protection. These he receives from his older, evolved counterpart, Dadling. Essentially every Pupling grows up to take care of the next generation as a Dadling. The latter pokèmon’s moves include megahug, bedtime story and please go to sleep.

Nobody knows what this mysterious and moody ghost-type creature (Malokkio) hides beneath its cloak, but it is certainly something nasty. It is said that staring for too long into Malok/Malokkio’s eery glowing eyes can drive one insane. Its moves include Glare, Flash, and Oh God My Eyes.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like a poké-portrait, let me know in the comments!