Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pokémon20: Poképals

It's Pokémon's 20th anniversary (doesn't time fly?) so I thought I'd revisit some of my poké-portraits: pictures of my friends as pokèmon. Here are Kittenberry (Kat) Cosmoss (Jonny) and Dubspring (David), based on three of my best friends and three of the biggest pokémon fans I know!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Redesign: Van the Saucer-Man

Time for another public domain superhero redesign!
The original character description of Fatman/The Human Flying Saucer/Saucer-Man (apparently the only superhero with three separate identities!) sees Van Crawford, multimillionaire hobby-store owner and hobby expert (?), rescues a shape-shifting alien who has the ability to transform into a flying saucer. The grateful alien gives him a special potion to drink, which grants Van the same powers. He dons a colourful costume and becomes the superhero Fatman (??). Strange name and origin aside, I found the idea of a guy who can transform at will into an alien spaceship fascinating, so I had to try my own take on it.
In my version, Van is a successful but misanthropic comic-book and video shop owner with a passion for science-fiction and astronomy. One night, while stargazing with the local amateur astronomy club, he sees something fall from the sky. Having rushed to investigate, he is overwhelmed to see a disc-like craft, smoking in a crater. To his amazement, the craft begins to melt and dissolve, assuming the much smaller shape of a humanoid being. Van lifts the saucerman out of the flaming crater and away from the oncoming police and army sent to investigate. Once back in his apartment, the alien thanks Van and gifts him with a vile of nanotech solution, the very same that it uses to transform into its saucer-form. The alien departs, wishing Van good luck.
Van soon puts his powers to good use, reluctantly defending his planet from giant monsters, robots and supervillains as... the Saucer-Man!

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Here's a pic of the lovely Kat as a Potterverse Ravenclaw animagus (transforming into an adorable Fennec fox, which is also her Patronus)

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

D&D: The Continuing Adventures of Dunk & Penny

Today I concluded the short D&D campaign I started with two friends last month, featuring Dunk the human cleric fighter and Penny the gnomish sorceress and language teacher. Dunk rolled several 20s, perfectly camouflaging a tent and beating the crap out of a demonic Choker, while Penny pretty much failed at everything except when she cut a small demon minion in two and blasted a Baby Lich into dust with a slightly defective Fireball spell-amulet. She also got Dunk nearly killed a couple of times. She managed to befriend and teach some common to a captive orc, though. It's the little pleasures in life that really count.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Card Game Project: Spotlight on Jobs

Hello everyone!
I've started a new teaching job which means that while I'm earning a bit more per week, I also have slightly less time/energy to draw and be creative. Unfortunately most days I come home with very little pep. Nonetheless, on those precious days when I have more free time, I try to get on with this card game of mine (still unnamed).
As I carry on, and more and more people see it and give it a go, I can't help but feel proud and optimistic about its potential as a real game. In the past few weeks, I've drawn a lot of animals and household objects, but today I wanted to highlight the most recent batch of 'job' cards. In any good set of vocabulary flashcards or equivalent visual material worth its salt, you'll get a number of job or profession words. I'm trying to have the people on my cards be as diverse as possible not just in race and gender, but also age and build. These are real-world jobs, and I thought the people representing them should be from the real world as well.