Tuesday, 4 July 2017

D&D: Ode Phantomspark (PLUS ANNOUNCEMENTS)

Here's a new character that I've created for D&D: Ode Phantomspark, the rock gnome bard.
Coming from a family of artificers, he left home with his electric lyre to seek fame and fortune in the big wild world.

- I'll be starting up university again soon and I'm hoping to start doing commissions while I'm there, to raise some extra funds. My plan is to offer D&D/RPG character portraits, in my usual hand-drawn and hand-coloured style.

- Before that, however, I'll be winding down The Battering Ram project. I'll be updating more frequently over the course of this month until I get to 50 characters. After that, the Ram will be on hiatus, so that I can focus on doing commissions.

- I'll also be converting my blogger site into more of a portfolio website and do all my regular art and project updates on tumblr, which is also where I'll be putting up info about commissions as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!
- Tom

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